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we make hand poured soy wax candles & Jesmonite homeware.

inspired by memories of urban nature.

Our scents are all blended to invoke memories of nature from specific times of year, from childhood summers spent playing the garden filled with geraniums, to blustery winter walks. Having grown up and subsequently lived in South London my whole life, these memories are intrinsically linked to the man made. This is reflected in the natural stone finish of our Jesmonite homeware pieces, hand crafted to bring the outside into your home.


Go to our scent library to find out more.

our story.

Founded in 2018 by, me, Amy O’Donnell, bloomed is a creative outlet removed from my day job as a graphic designer. Having studied for a degree in Chemistry, before moving into design, pouring soy wax candles and casting Jesmonite, makes full use of my creative, and scientific skills.


Through bloomed I aim to create simple, timeless homeware pieces, and naturally inspired and blended scents.


sustainability is key.


design .


I carefully consider the environmental impact of all materials used in bloomed’s products and packaging, and am constantly researching a monitoring to see if this can be improved.

I design bloomed’s products to be reusable, durable and timeless, so they withstand both time and passing trends.

To me sustainability is taking only what you need, and sharing what you have with others. That’s why, since January 2021, 10% of all sales go to charity.

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