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I have always been very fussy about the candles I buy, they have to be extremely high quality, with no artificial smelling scents, and preferably from small businesses. So when I started bloomed, it was only natural our own candles match these criteria as well.


From the very start, I have believed the only option I had was to make my business as environmentally sustainable as possible. I have only ever used only recycled card and paper packaging, and aim to produce no single use plastic. This ethos extends to the materials used to create all the products too, and you can find more details below.


Community is important to bloomed, it’s why we love selling our candles in person at local events, so where possible, we source our supplies from small UK based businesses. This allows us to keep our carbon footprint low and our quality high, all while supporting small business like ourselves.

soy wax

Soy wax is widely believed to burn more cleanly than mineral waxes, such as paraffin. Soy wax also burns at a lower temperature, and more slowly, meaning soy wax candles will last longer than those made of mineral wax. Whilst there have been some concerns about the sustainability of soy farming, we only use sustainable sourced soy wax in all our candles, and are constantly keeping our eye on the latest waxes being produced, so that we can ensure our essential oil candles are among the highest quality and most sustainable on the market.

essential oils

All our candles contain aromatherapy grade essential oils, sourced from small UK based suppliers, allowing us to keep track origin and quality of our oils. It’s these high quality essential oils that give our candles their natural, botanically inspired fragrances, which are long lasting, with a rich depth of scent.


While quality is of utmost importance to us, we also realise that the nature of essential oil production means that large amounts of the original plant can be required to make a small amount of certain oils. As we are not using the oils for therapeutic applications, it is difficult to justify using these oils in our candles. This is why we do not use any essential oils that are made from endangered plants, or are considered unsustainable, including sandalwood and frankincense.


All the essential oils used in our candles are vegan and cruelty free.

fragrance oils

As mentioned above there are certain essential oils which have no sustainable source. In these cases we may use fragrance oils. Our fragrance oil supplier is based in the UK, and produced oils which are vegan, cruelty free and free of parabens and phthalates.


In candles where fragrance oils are used, these are balanced with other essential oils. Our intention is to always be transparent about what is contained in our candles, whilst producing the highest quality product we can.


The wick is a highly important and often overlooked component of candles. Its important to make sure you have the right size wick for your container, wax and fragrance combination, and this requires extensive testing for each new candle produced.


All our cotton wicks are made from natural fibres to give a clean burn. These natural fibre wicks have been carefully selected to give a slow burn time, so that your soy wax candle last longer, and to reduce tunnelling.


It’s important to keep any wick trimmed to 10mm above the wax to get the best burn from your soy wax candle each time.


All our packaging is recycled and sourced from small companies in the UK to reduce our carbon footprint. All our packaging is also recyclable, or in the case of our Jesmonite pots and glass jars, reusable. We produce no single use plastic.


All boxes are made from recycled kraft card and packed with recycled tissues. All postal order come in recycled brown postal boxes, packed with biodegradable corn starch packing peanuts.


When possible, we reuse or recycle the packaging our supplies come in.

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