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A South London Maker's Market - Sunday 28 March

On Sunday 28 March bloomed will be taking part in A South London Makers Market via instagram.

You will be able to buy our hand poured soy wax candles in our full range of original essential oil fragrances, as well as a brand new spring scent, and a completely new product.

How does the market work?

The market will take place on A South London Makers Market's instagram page - where they are currently posting next weekends makers, so you can start browsing the amazing line up of makers now. On the day they will start posting the virtual stall from 9am, and you'll be able to click through to the makers and buy from them directly.

Who else will be taking part?

This is just a small selection of the makers that will be taking part on 28 March - visit @asouthlondonmakersmarket to see the full line up.

MW Makes

Gorgeous hand-made leather goods, which can be personalised.

Move Over Magnolia Studio

Hand-painted vintage glassware.

Filth Florest

Contemporary, high-drama bouquets.

Isobel & Sal

Hand pressed floral candles.

Lisa McGuinness

Fashion paintings by ex-shoe designer, Lisa.

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