All scents available in medium glass jars

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Our candles are now available in luxury black glass jars

bloomed ldn are pleased to announce that all our essential oil soy wax candles are now available in luxurious black glass jars, in addition to our original hand-cast Jesmonite pots.

The ethos behind bloomed ldn has always been to create objects that look stunning in your home, rather than just scented candles. This is why, when I decided to start making glass jar candles, I spent months researching and sourcing high quality black glass jars, with a curved base, before designing a white ink label featuring a unique hand drawn illustration for each scent. The result are candles what not only smell amazing, but are also simple and elegant, fit to sit proudly next to our original hand-cast Jesmonite candles.

Our glass jar candles use the same aromatherapy quality essential oils and sustainable soy wax as our original Jesmonite candles. The glass jar candles have cotton wicks, to give an atmospheric glow through the glass, and are finished with premium wooden lids to protect them from dust.

Our new cotton wicks, which will be used exclusively in our glass jar candles, are made from pure cotton to give a clean burn, braided with paper to enhance their rigidity. These cotton wicks have be carefully selected for their slow burn time, which makes your soy wax candle last longer, and to give an even wax pool to prevent tunnelling in your candle.

These essential oil soy wax candles measure 75 x 85mm, and hold 180ml of high quality soy wax, compared to our Jesmonite candles, which contain 150ml soy wax.

The black glass jar candles are priced at £20, and the hand cast Jesmonite candles are now priced at £25 to reflect the time that goes into casting and finishing the pots by hand.

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