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Bloomed launches no-rinse hand cleanser

bloomed botanical essential oil 70% hand sanitiser spray grapefruit black pepper

Bloomed is proud to announce the launch of its no rinse hand cleanser spray, containing over 70% alcohol, added glycerine and scented with pure grapefruit and black pepper essential oils.

Our no rinse hand cleanser contains over 70% alcohol, ensuring your hands are kept clean, and has a light weight texture to stop hands becoming sticky. The addition of glycerine keeps your skins soft, and prevents the alcohol from drying it out.

Our spray cleanser is scented with pure grapefruit and black pepper essential oils, giving a gently citrus clean fragrance, rather than a harsh alcohol smell.

The no rinse hand cleanser is simple to use, just spray on the palm and backs of each hand, then rub into skin until absorbed.

This cleansing spray comes in 30ml glass bottles, for £6.25.

We have limited numbers available which will not be restocked before Christmas, so get your hands on them sooner rather than later.

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