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Five reasons shopping small is sustainable

Over recent years more and more of us are looking to live more sustainably, including how we shop. The demand for sustainable options has only increased over the last year, with us having more time on our hands to think about what we’re really buying. With accusations of greenwashing being squared at big retailers throwing sustainability around as their latest buzzword, consumers are shifting towards spending with small businesses. In the first in our series on sustainability we ask, why is shopping small the smart sustainable option?

1. Small batch production

Small businesses make things in small batches, or increasingly, to order. This allows us make the items customers actually want to buy, reducing waste.

2. Making the best of the latest eco-friendly options

As small businesses, we are highly agile, allowing us to incorporate the latest sustainable materials and practices into production as they develop or become more widely available.

3. Keeping it local

We’re more likely to source our materials locally, supporting other small businesses, and reducing the number of air miles that go into the production of items. Apart from the silicon molds we use for some products, bloomed sources all our materials and packaging from UK based suppliers, and our wax is even manufactured in the UK.

4. Fairer working practices

When you shop small, you’re more often than not buying handmade. In most cases the items will have been made by the person you are buying from.

5. Social enterprises

Recently we’ve also seen growth in the number of social enterprises, from Handmade Stories, who ethically source products from rural communities in South America, to Pivot who teach people from disadvantaged groups new skills locally, social enterprise are a great place to spend your money.

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