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How to choose the right size candle

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

When candle shopping your first instinct may be to choose you candle size by price or how long you want it to last, while these are valid concerns, there are other important factors to consider...

First thing's first...

The first burn of your candle is important - wax has a memory, so it's important that the first burn creates a pool of liquid wax (the 'melt pool') that reaches the edge of the container. If it doesn't, each time you burn the candle, the wax will melt down the middle, leaving solid wax around the edge of the container - this is known as tunnelling.

When we make each candle, we carefully choose the wick to create a burn pool that reaches the edge of the container, but as slowly as possible, so that your candles has the longest lifespan possible. This means that our different size candles take different times to create a full melt pool, which you should consider when decided which size of candle to burn...

How will you burn the candle?

You want to burn a candle long enough for it to form a full melt pool, but you should never leave a burning candle unattended - so think about how you use the space you intend to burn this candle in. For example, if you're burning a candle in your bedroom to relax before bed, maybe a couple of hours wind down time, go for a smaller candle. However, if you're looking for something to burn all day, while you work from home perhaps? Go big.

How big is your space?

This is another thing to think about, if you burn a large candle in a tiny room, such as a home office, it's going to overpower you with scent. Similarly, if you burn a single, tiny candle in a large, open plan living space, you won't fill the room with fragrance. However, you can burn a few smaller candles in the same, or complementary scents to get a stronger fragrance.

Our sizes

We offer all our scents, in three sizes, medium, large and extra large - the following guidelines will help you choose the best sized candle for you.


  • 130g sustainable soy wax

  • Single wick

  • Total burn time of around 20 hours

  • Around 2 hours to form a full melt pool

  • Suitable for small to medium rooms, or a few in a larger space


  • 200g sustainable soy wax

  • Single wick

  • Total burn time of around 26 hours

  • Around 3 hours to form a full melt pool

  • Suitable for medium to large rooms

Extra large

  • 440g sustainable soy wax

  • Triple wick

  • Total burn time of up to 40 hours

  • 4 to 5 hours to form a full melt pool

  • Suitable for large or open plans spaces

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