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Launching refillable Jesmonite candles

Jesmonite candles are back! With a whole new look.

These candle are hand cast in Jesmonite, with a granite stone finish - the perfect contrast to essential oil scented soy wax that fills them.

After many requests, they are also now reusable - simply clean out the jar, and pop in a refill candle.

These hand cast Jesmonite candles contain 200g soy wax, the same as our large candles.

Our Jesmonite candles will be available exclusively in 08 grapefruit, basil & verbena for £35

Because of the completely hand made nature of these Jesmonite candles they will be available in very limited numbers. We will have 5 for sale, and after that we'll be taking a limited number of pre-orders for dispatch on 6 April.

Refill Candles

One thing we have constantly been asked for over the last 3 years is to refill candles - and now they're here.

Designed for use in our Jesmonite candles, these refills are made from the same container soy wax as all our other candles, and will be available in all our original essential oil blends.

These refill candles are made from 160g soy wax - slightly smaller than our large candles, and are £20 each.

Jesmonite Gift Set

We'll be selling our Jesmonite refillable candles in a set with a refill candle of your choice for the special price of £48 - a saving of £7 compared to if you were to buy each separately.

The entire Jesmonite refill range will launch at 9am on Sunday 28 March as part of A South London Makers Market.

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