• Gift bundle including 2 medium soy wax candles, and a card of your choice handwritten with your note.


    Gift bundles will be dispatched on 10 March to arrive on Friday 12 March, and marked with “Do not open until Sunday 14th March”. If you choose the ‘no card option’ your order will be dispatched within 3 days.


    The fresh botanicals gift bundle includes the 05 rosemary &bay, and 07 eucalyptus, pine & clove hand poured soy wax candles scented with essential oils.


    Designed to mask cooking smells and refresh the air, the 05 rosemary and bay essential oil scented candle belongs in the kitchen. Rosemary essential oil is a natural deodoriser, and has a woody herbaceous scent. Together with bay essential oil, which is also herbaceous, yet surprisingly floral, this fragrance is fresh and bright, perfect for living spaces.


    07 eucalyptus, pine & clove is warming woodsy fragrance, reminiscent or warming up by a fire after returning from a walk on a crisp, fresh winter's day.


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    • Thank you {for never saying i told you so}
    • I've got 99 problems {and you know the answer to every single one}
    • You always know best {even if i never want to admit it}
    • Happy Mother's Day

    fresh botanicals soy wax candle gift bundle

    Card option
    • Each candle is 130g and measures 70mm in diameter and 84mm in height. Burn time approx. 20hrs

      Our soy wax scented candles use high quality, sustainably sourced soy wax, and are scented with aromatherapy grade essential oils. The wicks are made from cotton braided with paper to increase their rigidity. Our wicks have been carefully selected to give a slow even burn.

    • Each candle comes packed in a postal box for protection, and with full care instructions to ensure you get the most from your essential oil scented candle.


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